Be a 10!

Be a 10. Really.

I’ve been meeting with some really lovely ladies like myself every Saturday for a time of prayer, worship, devotional and fellowship that is 100% centered on God. Last Saturday, we all decided to make index cards with messages such as “Be a 10” , “10”, “Work for a 10”, etc.


Just one question. What kind of man do you want as your husband?

Do you want a 5? a 3? or do you want a “10” man?

Now, before possible misinterpretation, a “10” is not considered a model, 6’5 ripped, 6 pack abs kind-of-man. This “grading system” in not based solely on physical things, but are aimed at areas like this:

  • Emotional (Is he emotionally balanced? Mature?)
  • Spiritual (Can he be your spiritual leader? Does he have a relationship with God? Is he serving the Lord?)
  • Financial (Can he be the provider in a family? Does he manage his finances well?)
  • Physical (Is he healthy? Does he have any vices? Does he take care of his body? But most importantly, does he like Burger King?) [just “joking” about that last one]
  • Chemistry (Does he like you? Do you see him as your husband and the father of your children?)

So i’m pretty sure we want a “10” kind of man. The only problem is that we’re often not really “10” kind of women.

What is a “10” kind of woman?

Proverbs 31. [Read it here]

Let us aim to be the women of Proverbs 31, full of wisdom and kindness, one whose “children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” Remember “charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised!”

BE A 10!!!!!

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