Who’s excited? She is! (Proverbs 31:13)

Let’s be real. I’m not eager to write today. But, oh how fitting is our next verse:

She selects wool and flax
and works with eager hands.” – Proverbs 31:13

Uh ok. I get it.

So this is the next verse in our Woman of Noble Character series. At a glance, it’s easy to ignore the first part of the verse.

“She selects wool and flax…”

Ok cool. Next!

Not so fast, people of the future (including me). There is value on this. Let’s go to the basic definitions:



  • Fiber obtained from sheep
  • Used mainly for clothing
  • Good insulator and works both ways: keeps warmth in during cold temperatures, but keeps heat out in fires (thus, used in firefighter’s uniforms, yada yada)



  • Flax, drying, bundle, sales, Sweden, agrCrop
  • Multiple uses — to create fabric, medicines, food, oil
  • It also gives off pretty flowers (not pictured)
  • Linen (out of flax) is used for clothes in warmer climates


Just by the usefulness of these two materials, we see that this woman is looking out for her family. She is caring for them in a beautiful way — wool to keep warm in the winter, linen to keep cool in the summer, medicine to help in sickness, food…

And hello. This woman is the real deal. The DIY queen. I mean, she did not go out and buy already-made clothes. She went on and bought the actual materials instead. Pinterest royalty.

Anyways, the Bible said she “selects wool and flax.” She does not grab the first bunch of wool and flax she sees and goes away, but she examines it and selects the best. This does require some real intention and thoughtfulness in what she’s doing.

That reminds me of one of my first meals when I was first living by myself. I thought I had gotten real fancy by buying lamb. Truth is, I had no idea what I was doing in the grocery store. It’s like “ohhh so I need to actually pick all this out myself…ooookkkk” *paces back and forth* *stares blankly at different cuts of meat*. So I winged it. Grab and go. First one.


It was the fattiest most difficult-to-chew meat ever. Unenjoyable. Blegh.

Apparently, there is a difference between cuts of meat and I was oblivious. No more random picks for me, missy.

ALL THAT TO SAY — this woman doesn’t do what I did. She is careful on her choices and chooses the best.

“…and works with eager hands.” – Proverbs 31:13

If you look at the meaning of “eager”, it’s “wanting to do very much”, “cheerfully”, “excited to do.”

Hilarious. Let’s work with wool and flax today! Yaaaaay! So exciting! So fun!


I’m really not cooperating today, but what I want to say is: this woman is a hard worker, and she does it with a great attitude — no matter how small or tedious the task. We can definitely learn from her! And isn’t that what we see in Colossians 3:23?

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

What we do has value, no matter how small the task.

Let’s look out for the best interest of those that surround us. Let’s be intentional in blessing them.

Let’s be willing to create and work with our hands, even if it’s hard.

Let’s value quality in our choices.

Let’s be willing to work cheerfully, as for the Lord.


Know that even the smallest task is not unseen in His eyes. What you do, matters.


In honor of DIY-ness, I decided to watercolor today! Not exactly ending world hunger…or anyone’s hunger…or providing clothes…BUT I’m hoping it gives a breath of fresh air to someone who is TIRED OF THIS SEASON ALREADY (whatever season of life you’re in). Lo and behold:

In Every Season Watercolor

God is still God is still God. He is in control. In every single season of life that we find ourselves in, His plans for us are still true. He is working towards, not away, from His purpose in our lives. He’s got you now with the same strength and might and power and security as when He first created you. And He’s faithful till’ the end. Trust Him. Breathe. Rest.


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