Lessons from the Word


 One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up… Luke 18:1 Don’t give up. Pray, even when it seems your…


Only the Best: Letting God Choose

As women, society (specially chick flicks!) teaches us to be on the constant “look out” for love. Throughout my teen years, it seemed natural to me to think of the…

God's way

8 Ways to *Lose* Control…and Let God Take Control

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, control is “to have power over” something. As humans, we love to have control over the things that we do. We love to have…


Faith is NOT a feeling

“How am I going to serve a God I don’t love?” “I don’t really feel like praying, going to church or reading my bible” “God doesn’t ‘speak’ to me as…


Winks, Boaz and a True Man of God

Random guy: “So, you’ve got a Bible there…cool….I’m a christian too!” Me: “Uhum?” Random guy: “Yes, and you know what my favorite book is? ” Me: “Which one?” Random guy:…


Comfort Zones, Choices and Two Broken Women – Ruth 1

Have you ever been heartbroken? Felt rejected? Abandoned? Have you ever felt alone? Are you tired? In the book of Ruth, chapter 1, we see the story of two women…


Overthinking, marriage & Gideon’s story

Oh marriage, marriage, marriage. What a topic! As women, we are naturally drawn to romantic movies, fairy tale endings and sweet love stories. Some more than others. Ahem. Some of…


Be a 10!

Be a 10. Really. I’ve been meeting with some really lovely ladies like myself every Saturday for a time of prayer, worship, devotional and fellowship that is 100% centered on…

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