Lessons from the Word


Like a ship, but in a good way (Proverbs 31:14)

She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14 Imagine someone would say: “Hey, I just want you to know that I think you are beautiful and……

How To Read The Bible

How to Read the Bible: Four Steps

How do I read the Bible? Here are four simple steps.

No Idea

Things Too High For Me

Do you ever feel unqualified? I have to admit I have and often do. For example, I haven’t written here for a while because I felt I had nothing to…


This Ain’t Love, It’s Clear to See

We’ve all heard the song: Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand But I still need love ’cause I’m just a man These nights never seem to…


Growing Up, Being Sober and True Rest

When I was a little girl, I used to collect the beans that fell out of the bags in supermarkets just so I could plant them in a plastic cup…


The Longing: A Take on Love

  What is it that we are looking for? If you could describe what humanity has the biggest longing for — what would that be? Proverbs 19:22 says it plainly: What…

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Remove Worry, Pray Differently

Thoughts. They have the power to heal and the power to destroy. How many hours have I wasted dwelling on things I have no control over! The future, current circumstances,…


When God is “Late”: God’s Timing vs Our Timing

If you’ve never been to Chicago, it is almost a requirement that you visit the Sears Tower (or, if you’re a tourist, you call it by its actual name: the…


Women and Flowers

I love flowers and have yet to meet a woman who does not. I think flowers are great for representing femininity: beautiful, gentle, delicate…even smelling good! (I would hope!) Flowers…


It. Was. Good.

As some of you know, I’m on a Facebook break. I found myself struggling with so many distractions that were hindering me from true undivided attention and devotion to God,…

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